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Ross Creek

Ross CreekRoss Creek produces mainly cycads but excellent agates, opal, jaspers and zealites can be found. There are five small coves to the right (facing the water); each has a small beach worth looking for gemstones.

Lobster Hole

Lobster Hole requires a guide or many days of watching tides and looking to find a way to get down to the beach. Flame agates are found here. There are approximately 17 different flame seams in this small cove. The wave action keeps the beach well turned. The hike is approximately 1 1/2 hrs one way.

Big Cove

Big Cove has a great selection of agates. They are difficult to see because of wave action in this cove. The stones are well rounded and chipped, to cause surface of stones to be gray in colour. This is a 2 hr hike, one way. A guide is needed to get you to the beach. The time will vary with hiking ability.

Scots Bay Beach

Scots Bay beach is one of the best collecting areas there is. Family friendly for swimming, picnics, and rock hounding. Nearly every type of rock found along the Bay of Fundy will end up here, do to the way the tides run and the shape of the peninsula. The rock gets well worn here and is difficult to identify when dry. Carrying a small source of water to wet the stones you are looking at is very helpful. The minerals mostly found here are agates of all colours, fire opals, jaspers, and small cycads. Small zealites formations can be found as well.

Little Split Cove

Little Split Cove is the beach that you can get to from the Cape Split hiking trail. The trail down is not clearly marked, so a guide for the first time would be helpful. The tide has a 3 hr cut off time for this cove, so if you venture out of the cove keep very close eye on tide. There are many banded agates, jaspers, amethyst, and zeolites that can be collected on this beach.

Cape Split

Cape Split is approx. 1 hr hike from Little Split Cove. There are several slides and cave areas to look for zeolites and agates. One small cave area has an amethyst seam in it. Hard to get at but frost usually loosens up a piece or two.

The Wind Tunnel

The Wind Tunnel is used when we hike around the split area to get to Amethyst Cove side of peninsula. When doing this hike, there is one section that gives you a 20 min. window to get by at a 5 ft low tide. Wave height or storm surge also has to be taken into consideration for this hike. A guide with tide knowledge of this would be required. The beach all the way is full of different types of agates and zeolites. The main problem is the distance. It is a long way back to the cars and if you are going around to the ropes you will have a 4-5 hundred foot cliff to climb, so pick up only the very best.

Long Beach AC

Long Beach on the way to Amethyst Cove from the Split. It is approx. a 2 1/2 hour hike to the ropes. The rocks are large on this beach so be very fussy.There are zeolite slides, and several agate and amethyst slides. Where the cliffs come straight down to the beach, the tides must be watched for there is no way up.

Amethyst Cove Beach

Amethyst Cove Beach is to the right of the ropes (facing the water) . This picture is 2/3 of the way to the slide, looking back to the rope area. The distant point that you will see to the right when coming down from the ropes is where the amethyst slide is. Depending on speed of hikers, it is 1 1/2 hrs one way. There is an excellent supply of all varieties of quartz crystals. I am still finding new forms of agate after 20 yrs. Discovered a source of green turquoise in 2006 and a source of Saphire quartz crystals in 2005. The most recent discovery is a concentric banded fortification agate 2010.  The variety of agates and mineral combinations are very difficult to list. Zeolite slides are numerous with good specimens of natrolite, mesolite, stilbite, apophyllite, analcime and magnetite.

Cape Blomidon

The Cape Blomidon area has several things to pay close attention to. The tide will cut you off from returning to the sand beach for several hours at high tide. There is plenty of room on the upper rock beach at high tide , so there is nothing to worry about except you will have to wait to return. The cliffs and slides are to be watched carefully for falling rocks. The selection of agates, jaspers, and quartz crystals are abundant. Some of the darkest amethyst I have seen came from this area.

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Golden Flame Agate Block

Golden Flame Agate Block

Q - Golden Flame Agate Block
Found near Cape Split, NS

Size - 1.45 kg
     W - 6 inch,    H - 31/2 inches,      D - 21/4 inches

Price - $ 500.00

These are blocks I have on hand and can be cut to price on request.


Concentric Agate Pendant

Concentric Agate Pendant

Concentric Agate Pendant
Found Lobster Hole, NS
Sterling Silver findings
Size - Display Box is 21/2" - 11/2"
Price  - $100.00


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