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Agate is Nova Scotia's provincial Gemstone.

Around the Bay of Fundy of Nova Scotia, rockhounds can find quartz-based samples of agate, jasper and amethyst in zeolite, cyclades and geode formations. From these amazing raw materials we craft one-of-a-kind custom jewelry and display pieces, and offer a full range of artistic and custom lapidary work. We invite you to browse through our website, and contact us for more information on the products and services we offer.

The highest tides in the world occur in the Bay of Fundy of Nova Scotia. Legendary home of Glooscap (a mythical god of the indigenous Mi'kmaq people), it has long been regarded as a place of power. It's also one of the most geologically unique places in the world.

Beneath it's inspiring, ruggedly beautiful scenery, the North Mountain contains a unique, colorful mix of minerals rivaling any place in the world. During the Jurassic period (approximately 250 million years ago) volcanic activity from at least eight major eruptions created the exact necessary conditions of heat and pressure to produce an amazing assortment of world class minerals, precious or semi-precious stones and fossils.

Agate, Amethyst, Copper, Jasper, Fossils, Mordenite, Mesolite, Selenite, Smoky Quartz, Thompsonite and other minerals. If you love Rockhounding... you will truly love Nova Scotia.
Our on-line catalog listings represent a small portion of the products we carry. Each piece is different. In some categories there are thousands of different pieces. If you are looking for a particular mineral or style of jewelry, please send us a request through our contact page.

There is a stone for every person.

Catalog Spotlight

Golden Flame Agate Block

Golden Flame Agate Block

Q - Golden Flame Agate Block
Found near Cape Split, NS

Size - 1.45 kg
     W - 6 inch,    H - 31/2 inches,      D - 21/4 inches

Price - $ 500.00

These are blocks I have on hand and can be cut to price on request.


Concentric Agate Pendant

Concentric Agate Pendant

Concentric Agate Pendant
Found Lobster Hole, NS
Sterling Silver findings
Size - Display Box is 21/2" - 11/2"
Price  - $100.00


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